For over nine years, the Premier Building Group has been constructing utility scale solar fields ranging from 500 Kilowatts to 250 Megawatts  in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Maryland and Virginia. In total, we have been involved in the construction of nearly 2 Gigawatts. Our team has developed, constructed, and assembled these projects from the civil development phase, to the structural and mechanical assemblies, to the electrical systems start up and commissioning. Our client profiles include: private development, municipal government, utility providers, and energy investment groups.

In our current and past solar projects, we have constructed the following systems:

  • Ground mounted tracking systems
  • Fixed ground mounted PV systems
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Non penetrating ballasted roof mounted PV systems
  • Attached or penetrating fixed roof mounted PV systems
  • Carport and shade structure mounted PV systems