Mining & Metals

PBG has achieved a reputation for delivery of quality services involving many facets of heavy commercial and industrial construction. This is due directly to the high skill set of our experienced partners, employees, and consultants, and their years of experience dealing with petro-chemical, power generation, mining, waste-water, and federal government/military base construction industries. Our team’s decades of expertise dealing in the construction, commissioning, start-up, and turn-around’s of numerous plants also includes working in diverse extreme environments in both temperature and elevation.

Through our experience in mining and power generation projects, we have developed an expertise in the effective planning and control of site work to ensure that our standards in quality and safety remain intact, while competitively pricing our work for these unique environments. Equally, we realize the importance of establishing and maintaining effective and regular lines of communications between all parties and of the implementing of efficient scheduling systems in order to ensure that the services we provide do not hinder the plant operations or scheduled start-up and commissioning.

Utilities & Renewable Energy

For over nine years, the Premier building Group has been constructing utility scale solar fields ranging from 500Kw to 250 Mw (nearly 2 Gw in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Maryland and Virginia. Our team has developed, constructed, and assembled these projects from the civil development phase, to the structural and mechanical assemblies, to the electrical systems start up and commissioning. Our client profiles include: private development, municipal government, utility providers, and energy investment groups.
In our current and past solar projects, we have constructed the following systems:

  • Ground mounted tracking systems
  • Fixed ground mounted PV systems
  • Non-penetrating ballasted roof mounted PV systems
  • Attached or penetrating fixed roof mounted PV systems
  • Carport and shade structure mounted PV systems

Gas & Oil